You can stay connected with T-Care Pediatrics 24/7 by simply filling out the form below. For your convenience, someone from our practice will call or email you back to confirm the date and time you requested or offer alternative dates and times that accommodate your schedule.

Your Appointment Request will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.
Use this service only for Well Check visits.
For Sick visits and Follow Up appointments, call 512-474-2660 during Office hours.
If you need to contact a physician after Office hours, call 512-474-2660.
For Emergencies, call 911.

Su solicitud para hacer una cita sera respondida en 24 a 48 horas.
Use este servicio solo para citas de Chequeo Fisico Anual.
Para solicitar citas en caso de enfermedad o citas de Seguimiento, llame al 512-474-2660 durante el horario de oficina.
Si necesita contactar un Doctor despues del horario de oficina, llame al 512-474-2660.
Para Emergencias, llame al 911.